Invoicing via Paypal

Deposit: half of total payment is due at time of booking (non-refundable)
The remainder of the payment is due when formatting work begins. Files will be sent once full payment is received. If you are unable to make your scheduled date, please let me know as soon as possible (preferably at least three weeks prior) so I can re-schedule you with the new date needed and also open up the date to another author.

Turnaround time is usually 1-3 days

Formatting includes:
Linked table of contents in eBooks
Vendor specific links/files if requested
Up to 10 proofing errors/typos for free, which will be done when my schedule allows

Checklist of what to send:

1) Manuscript – Word .doc or .docx
*final edits and proofreads completed.
These can be in the manuscript file or in a separate file(s):
Copyright info: any special wording you want, a list of contributors like the editor, cover designer, cover model(s), formatter (with their websites). The formatting information will be added to the list here or on the page where you want these listed unless otherwise requested.
Dedication, Acknowledgments and Author bio (and photo if wanted)
Please mark scene breaks with *** and mark any other sections that require special formatting (like notes, other fonts) with *. No need to mark italics or bold
2) Cover and names of fonts used (for title and author name) only if ordering custom
3) If ordering paperback file, trim size and ISBNs

These documents should be sent anytime by 7 am EST on your scheduled date. Please,  let me know if your file is delayed as soon as possible and when I can expect it.


Please note: on or after your release day, the book may be shared on the Facebook page (with blurb, buy link, and sample of images from book), added to the Pinterest page (links from Amazon), and images added to the gallery here on this site, unless otherwise requested not to be included.